Book Hangovers!

Book hangover

Has this happened to you? Where you read a book and you become so consumed by it that you pick up a very severe case of a book hangover. I would be lying to you if I told you that this hasn’t happened to me on more than one occasion. For instance, after I finished reading The Hunger Games Series, I was mopping around my apartment for an entire week screaming “I want Peeta!“, making my roommate want to throw a pan at me and curse the day I ever started reading the books. And then during these book hangovers, all you do is sit around mopping, thinking about the characters, the story, how you wish that you could be in that world, looking up quotes, trying to imagine who would best play the characters, asking yourself “Why did I read it so fast? Now it’s over!“, and how you don’t think your little heart can take it anymore because you have become so invested in the book that you think you would be cheating if you started reading a new book and fell in love with other characters. Well ladies, the cure to this hangover, although it may be painful at first (like having to drink a beer after waking up to night of one too many drinks), is to pick up a new book and try to fall in love with different characters in a different world! I know what your thinking, “I can’t!“.But quite frankly, it’s the only remedy to this beautiful curse. What has been your worst Book Hangover?



July 5, 2013 · 3:54 pm

4 responses to “Book Hangovers!

  1. Nana

    Hazel Grace + Augustus Waters THE FAULT IN OUR STARS

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