Book Review: “Rocked” by Clara Bayard


In this romance novel, we meet Liss, who is working the grave yard shift at a rundown diner and the highlight of her nights include talking to the cook and filling up ketchup bottles. Then Joe Hawk enters the diner. He’s an up-and-coming sexy rockstar and because Liss has no idea who he is, Joe is immediately drawn to her. The best part of this book is that Liss is a big girl (YAY! 1 point for the big girls)! As much as I love all of my other books, I couldn’t help but like this story because for once, it wasn’t some skinny girl with perfect hair, and perfect body getting the super-hot guy. It was a big girl with more to love. The only downer about this book is that  it’s short (less than 100 pages) and so it moves pretty fast and it’s part of a long series (5 other books). But even if you don’t want to read the entire series (I didn’t) at least you can still read “Rocked” and enjoy the fact the big girls came out on top (no pun intended) this time around. If you want to read this book now’s your chance because it’s free. CLICK HERE!


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July 6, 2013 · 8:16 pm

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