Book Review: “Façade” by Nyrae Dawn

facade (the Game series)

Oh brother, did Nyrae Dawn do me in this time! I told you all that I was going to read “Façade” and that I did and all I can say is OMG! Okay, so for those of you who read “Charade”, we meet Adrian, Colt’s roommate and best friend who is always high, throwing parties, and thinks he has psychic abilities. Well now its Adrian’s turn at a shot at love and boy that’s exactly what it was, a shot…to my heart…on more than one occasion. The story is about Adrian and a girl names Delaney Cross whose pasts are connected by a tragic event. When they meet each other, the attraction is instant but Delaney is at war with herself because she knows how they’re connected and Adrian doesn’t. Yeah, you can imagine how I was while reading this freaking book!  And it’s not just that event that has them so broken; it’s the lives that they lived and the people that where in them that made them that way. They know what it’s like to feel pain, they could see it in each other’s eyes and all they want to do is take it away the others sorrows, its poetic really ( that’s for those of you who’ve read it already.) And what is up with Nyrae Dawn coming up with the most creative nicknames in the world? First Tiny Dance with Colt and Chey, now Little Ghost! And I’m telling you all get ready, because once you get passed 75%, Nyrae really does you in and pulls the rug from beneath you (Nyrae ya got me! You really got me!). This book was amazing and I love how Nyrae was able to create a completely new story using a character from Charade and made you fall in love with him in a way that you didn’t even think you could. Everyone, go out there and read “Charade” if you haven’t already, then go read “Façade”. CLICK HERE! Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.


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July 11, 2013 · 12:37 am

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