Book Review: “Demanding Ransom” By Megan Squires

Demanding Ransom

Okay so this book is about a girl names Maggie who really hasn’t had the best life and never really seems to get a break. Then she meets Ran, a super hot paramedic that pushes her to confront everything that she has tucked away for years and pushes her to learn how to forgive. That was a major topic in this book, forgiveness. Gash and Ran is so good at it he makes it look easy! But this book was kind of difficult for me because I was having flash backs from when I read “Twilight” and I wanted to chuck my book across the room for how annoyed I would get with Bella. Maggie is now right up there with her! She was constantly throwing herself a pity party and complaining about everything. Like seriously; have you seen who is next to you, enjoy it girl! But two really good parts of this book was one, it really does show the importance of forgiving someone, that it’s more for you then for them, and second, it was HILARIOUS! Honestly I was laughing throughout the entire book. Between the text messages, the scissor scene, and the witty comments it had me literally laughing out loud. The book really is great; you just have to be patient (like really patient) when Maggie does something stupid that you want to slap her. Overall, I give this book 4.5 out of 5!


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July 15, 2013 · 12:43 pm

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