Book Review: “Frigid” by J Lynn


Book Review: “Frigid” by J. Lynn

Ladies and gentlemen, I give to you the ultimate friend zone book. Sydney is in love with her childhood friend Kyler ever since she realized that boys were attractive. She has fallen hard but doesn’t want to say anything because she would rather have him as a friend than lose him forever. I think Sydney is a masochist because, for years she just stands by Kyler who has a parade of girls coming and going and she’s just there idolizing him from afar. And Kyler, he wants his cake and wants to eat it too! To him, no one is good enough for Sydney and he runs anyone who tries to get near her away. Then when they go on their yearly trip to the log cabin with their friends but end up getting snowed in…alone, everything changes. I don’t understand how they didn’t see it sooner; the sexual chemistry between the two of them was outrageous. The fact that they went this long without pouncing on each other was mind boggling. I really enjoyed this book and the fact that was a standalone with an H.E.A (everyone’s dream book). GET IT HERE!


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August 28, 2013 · 9:38 pm

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